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A day in the life of a Ladybird

Before we leave the house, my grown-up checks dojo to see what we are learning about in Ladybirds this week, and we talk about it together. Then it’s time to go! I hold my grown-up’s hand as we walk to Nursery and I am feeling so excited about the day ahead!

When I arrive at nursery, Nicola is waiting for me at the door with a big smile. I feel really happy to see her. My first job is to find my ladybird name card and stick it onto my favourite coat peg. I leave my coat and bag on my peg and go into the classroom to meet Lauren, Emma and my friends and we start to play! We always have some healthy snacks laid out for us, so if we get hungry or thirsty we can help ourselves.    


Nicola, Lauren and Sam play with me and make sure that I am happy. They ask me questions to find out about what I know and understand and help me to learn new things as I play!

We take time to practice sharing, taking turns, talking and being kind to our friends.

After about an hour of playing inside or outside, we all get together on the carpet and sing our welcome song. We count how many children are in ladybirds today and find the matching number on our star display. We then talk about which day of the week it is and what the weather is like today. After that, we have our special story and sometimes we do an activity with it. When we have finished it is time to count down from 5 and ‘BLAST OFF’ back into the classroom to play! I love to spend time in the sensory room with all the twinkly lights, it is so calm and relaxing.            

After we have finished playing, it is time to tidy up the nursery and get together on the carpet for dough disco and a phonics activity. Then it's time to songs some songs, get ready for home time and wait for my grown up to collect me.

I’ve had so much fun today – I can’t wait to come back tomorrow!