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Hedgehogs Curriculum

In Hedgehogs, our children learn through a careful balance of planned adult led activities, child led independent play and spontaneous 'in the moment' teaching episodes. There are the 'teachable moments' where an adult sees an opportunity to step in and support a child's knowledge and understanding to help them reach their next step. 

Children in Hedgehogs experience whole class 'carpet time' sessions where we share stories, sing nursery rhymes and practice our early maths and phonic skills. We also have smaller group sessions which are focussed mainly on social and communication skills. Importantly, our children also have plenty of time to independently play and explore, make friends and socialise - both inside and outside.

We also have an exciting project underway - the creation of a sensory room which will be an absolutely fantastic addition for all our children, but especially for those with SEND.

Download the files below to see planning we use in Hedgehogs to ensure that children are accessing a broad and balanced curriculum.