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Our Coaching Ladder

We display the coaching ladder in all our Early Years classrooms and to support transition between Early Years and Key Stage One, the Year One classrooms also use the same visuals.

Every child starts the day with their name proudly displayed on the 'sunshine'. This means that we start the day feeling positive and recognising that we are doing the right thing, making good choices and following our Woodlands Primary School Family Values.

Children who go 'above and beyond' sunshine behaviour and wow their teachers within any aspect of school life, will have their names moved up the the 'rainbow'. This is a really proud and exciting moment for our pupils. We like to pause for a class celebration and discuss why that child has shown rainbow behaviour.

We all know that sometimes children make the wrong choices and need our help, love and support to get back on track. When this happens at Woodlands Primary School, children move down the coaching ladder to stages 1, 2, 3 and 4. These stages are designed to provide the appropriate level of support, depending on the situation. When a child has moved to one of these stages, the staff around them provide lots of support to help them move straight back up the ladder and back onto the sunshine. Our message to our children is that they can always change their behaviour and make good choices and their teachers and parents are always ready to help them do this.

If your child is moved to a level four, you will be contacted by a member of staff to discuss what has happened, find out what could be triggering certain behaviours and to make a plan of support together. Where a child is repeatedly moving to a level four, you will be invited to have a meeting with your child's class teacher, our Early Years leader and our Deputy Head and Inclusion Lead, Mrs Scott to make a detailed plan of support for your child.

If you would like any further information about our approach to values and behaviour in Early Years, please contact school to speak to Mrs Amy Walker, our Early Years leader.