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Religion, Ethics and Philosophy

Through a comprehensive religion, ethics and philosophy curriculum, children build knowledge and understanding of significant religions and beliefs, as well as encouraging insight and expression of opinions. Pupils gain a deeper comprehension of the significant human questions that religions address. This is complemented with Philosophy for Children teaching, within every year group.

Intelligent talkers

Insatiable readers

Impeccably behaved

Inclusive Citizens

  • Pupils are given the opportunity to demonstrate insight by identifying similarities between religions.
  • Encouraging the ability to discuss their opinions respectfully through P4C, an open classroom climate and opportunities for debate.
  • Through an inclusive REP curriculum, pupils are confident and skilled to successfully discuss issues which effect themselves and their community.
  •  Pupils are given the opportunity to read a variety of texts and scripture.
  • Pupils are encouraged to consider the purpose of a text and critically analyse it.
  •  Pupils are given the opportunity for expression in a variety of response formats increasing pupils’ experiences of success.
  • Encouraging respect for the beliefs of other religions and world views.
  • Build commonality through the identification of similarities across religions and world views.
  • Through a comprehensive curriculum, pupils understand the importance of valuing belief systems and how these impact the individuals way of life.
  • By building knowledge and understanding pupils develop a greater comprehension of their environment both locally and globally.