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Children's University

For more information, please speak to the school office.

Woodlands Primary School is proud to be a part of the Children's University. This is a scheme which promotes and encourages children to take part in a range of learning activities, outside of what they would 'normally' do. This happens in their own time, and children gain points for attending this.

For each hour they attend a club, they receive a point. After so many points, an award is given to the child, straight from the Children's University.

Bronze - 30 hours

Silver - 65 hours

Gold - 100 hours

These then continue up to 1000 hours!

Gold awards are presented at special ceremonies at the Town Hall and parents/carers are always invited to attend these.

We believe here at school that learning is much more than just the academic, which is why we encourage all children to take part in this. The activities promoted by the children's university promote skills through the 'skills builder,' and these are as follows: