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School Uniform


Questions regarding the new Woodlands uniform

Why has the colour changed?

~Because it’s cheaper! You cannot buy the current colour from more affordable shops such as Asda, Tesco etc. Uniform from Pinders is expensive and children grow out of uniform so quickly!

Why has the logo changed?

~To reflect the new name change of Woodlands Primary School

What should my child wear in January?

~Their usual uniform with regards to shoes, socks, trousers, skirts, shirts etc.

~Bottle green jumpers or cardigans (if possible)


When will you expect everybody to have the same uniform and be wearing the new colour and new logo?

~By September 2022

What if I bought the old colour quite recently?

~Don’t worry! If your child has uniform that still fits them with the ‘old’ logo or in the ‘old’ colour, they can wear that uniform until they grow out of it. No rush to buy new uniform just yet!

What if I want to buy more logos or jumpers /cardigans with the logo already on?

~You’ll be able to order these from Pinders

In order to help children concentrate on their learning and to support good learning behaviours, we expect all children to wear full school uniform.

  • White or bottle-green polo shirt
  • Bottle-green school jumper, fleece or cardigan (with a logo)
  • Black or grey trousers or skirt
  • Grey or black pinafore or bottle-green summer gingham dress
  • Plain black shoes or plain black trainers
  • Black or grey Hijab for those children who wear one
  • No jewellery

Orders can be placed for school uniform in the following ways:

  1. By completing an order form at the school office (with free delivery to school)
  2. In store at the Pinders shop at Crystal Peaks shopping centre
  3. Online at (£4.95 charge)
  4. By telephone to Pinders (£4.95 charge)

Trousers, skirts, dresses and polo shirts can be purchased from other stores and supermarkets.