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Through exciting, knowledge led teaching we want our children to become intelligent talkers, insatiable readers and impeccably behaved with an understanding an empathy for others in the world which inspires them to be Inclusive citizens.

How do we ensure these are key elements within our planned curriculum?

Intelligent talkers

Insatiable readers

Impeccably behaved

Inclusive Citizens

Debate and discussion is built into the curriculum explicitly and each cycle has an Oracy endpoint;

Pupils are taught the knowledge they need through reading and through direct knowledge-led teaching.

Language is deliberately modelled; Tier 2 and 3 vocabulary is taught and assessed regularly so that it is retained in long term memory;

All learning is sequenced to build knowledge around a schema so that their composite knowledge is learned, recalled and retained.

Phonics starts as soon as pupils start school, wherever they start;

All pupils read, or listen to others reading aloud, for at least 2 hours every day;

Opportunities to strengthen fluency are built into reading sessions;Pupils enjoy stories or non-fiction read to them every day in ‘Time to read’;Reading anthology texts are carefully selected to enhance pupils’ understanding of the knowledge they are learning;


Learning is well-matched to need so all pupils, from all starting points, can be successful;

Woodlands Primary School family values are used and focus on RESPECT from and to all of our community;

Religion, ethics and philosophy is taught to ensure pupils are tolerant and respectful due to their knowledge of others beliefs and opinions;

Pupils are taught resilience and confidence through Creative Arts: in art, music and drama and perform and present them to others;

Equalities are explicitly taught, enabling pupils to have an empathy and understanding of barriers to participation and how to overcome them.

Pupil Citizenship is specifically taught through the ‘Wellbeing Curriculum’ and pupils are provided with practical training in areas like road safety and first aid.

The ‘four pillars of Personal Development’ provides opportunities for pupils to develop their character outside of academic learning.


This is delivered through overarching themes throughout the whole school, focusing a real emphasis on what is important to our children. These are as follows:

"Power and People of the World"

"What a Wonderful World"

"The World has Changed"

"Creating a Better World"

If you would like any further information about our curriculum, please make an appointment to speak to your child's class teacher or contact school to speak to our Assistant Head and curriculum lead, Mrs Sarah Bustamante.