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Design Technology

Curriculum Intent

Through a broad curriculum with a focus on the appropriate skills and knowledge, Woodlands pupils are resilient learners who show pride in what they create and have the
necessary skills to support themselves in later life.

Our curriculum offers children the opportunity to experience DT through textiles, cooking
and construction projects in each year group.

What now?

Intelligent Talkers Insatiable Readers
The broad curriculum has built in the consolidation of skills and knowledge over time. Pupils therefore are more confident to discuss their skills. Pupils gain the experience of reading for information through Design and Technology sessions. Reading recipes and following instructions gives them the skills to support themselves in later life.
Digitally recording the design, make and
evaluate process allows pupils to
articulate the skills and knowledge they
have learnt.
Design and Technology provides opportunities to make connections between what has been read within DT and other subjects through the nature of its broad curriculum.
Impeccably Behaved Inclusive Citizens
Pupils are disciplined craftsmen who show resilience by following through on their designs. Lessons are planned to be inclusive of all pupils. The taught lessons result in pupils having the necessary skills to support themselves in later life.
Pupils are engaged with age appropriate tasks and end points through the broad curriculum. These high quality end points result in pupils who are proud of their efforts. End points are achieved and to a level at which all learners are proud of their products.
  Lessons equip pupils with the appropriate skills and knowledge that is built on throughout the broad curriculum.