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Equality is having equal rights and opportunities. It means being treated fairly, and given everything to teach your potential. This doesn't mean "treating everyone the same," but with respect and fairness with regard for their wishes. We believe in meeting the needs of each individual in our school, and improving outcomes for all, regardless of their background.

This is the approach we take throughout school, and we believe equalities are so important, we explicitly teach them through our Curriculum. 

Much of our work is around the protected characteristics, making children well-informed to make sensible choices about their actions. We do this through curriculum influencers, for example Greta Thunberg, Alan Turing and Marie Curie. We read stories about them, learn about the barriers they faced, but most importantly, find out how they overcame these and went on to do wonderful things. In Well-being, we look at inspirational people and how their protected characteristics are met, even within challenging circumstances. We talk about, think and model this in our own behaviour, to ensure school feels a safe place for all children.

For further information, refer to the curriculum overview on the Curriculum page.