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We have tried to give a full list of answers to the sorts of questions we get asked regularly. If there is anything else you'd like to know, please contact the school office.

What is EYFS?

E.Y.F.S. stands for Early Years Foundation Stage. The EYFS is a curriculum set up by the Government that states how we as early years practitioners do things. The EYFS is split into 7 areas in total.

3 prime areas: Communication, Personal social and emotional, Physical

And 4 specific areas: Maths, Understanding the world, Literacy, Expressive art and design

Within these areas we must ensure children are making progress in each area.

What are your opening hours?

We open from 8:30 am until 3:30 pm.  Our morning session runs from 8:30 am until 11:30 am and our afternoon session runs from 12.:30 pm until 3:30 pm

What age ranges do you cover?

We take children from 2 years - 4 years old. After which time children need to apply for a school place through the government website.

Can my child attend Nursery during school holidays?

No. We are a term time only school nursery and we close for the school holidays. 

Nursery meals?

We have snack available to the children on arrival, which is fruit, bagels and a drink of milk. Our lunch is served from 11.15am for our 30 hours children which is a hot meal - this is charged at £1.75 per day. Children can bring a packed lunch if this is preferred. Copies of full menus are available.

Can I supply food for my child?

Yes we are very flexible with meals and you can choose to supply your own meals, have our meals or any mixture of both options.

What do I need to provide for my child’s day at Nursery?

Change of clothing (including underwear), nappies and wipes, water bottle with name on, sun hat, wellies, woolly hat, scarf, coat (weather dependent)

What about sun lotion?

We ask that you apply sun lotion before the session, which is a factor 50 plus. If your child attends nursery all day we will reapply your sunscreen for them at lunchtime. Please label this and send in their school bag. 

Do you accept childcare vouchers?

No. We do not offer paid sessions - only the government funded hours of entitlement. 

What if I need someone else to collect my child?

This is not a problem although please inform us as soon as possible. A password system will be set up if we have not met the person before.

How will I know and find out how my child is getting on?

The child’s key person (the room leader) will keep an up to date record on your child’s progress they will share this information with you regularly using our online home communication system called Dojo. We will hold parent evenings to discuss your child’s progress. 

What happens if I collect my child late?

We understand this can happen as some things are out of our control such as traffic or appointments running over. We ask for you to let us know if this is going to happen as soon as you are aware. It is not a problem once or twice but if this becomes regular you will be charged for any extra hours. 

My child was sick during the night but seems fine this morning. Can they still come to nursery today?

No unfortunately at nursery we have a strict policy on exclusion periods. For sickness and diarrhoea children must be away from nursery for 48 hours after last symptom.

My child is starting potty training. Can you help with this?

Yes we strive to help in all areas of your child’s development we take this at your child’s pace. We follow your routine from home as close as possible and keep you in touch at every step. We use sticker/ reward charts to help in this area.

Will my child be able to have a daytime sleep?

We have quiet sleep areas within each area of nursery depending on the children’s needs. We always assist in helping your child to take sleep and rest if needed. Each child is provided with their own sheet and blanket which is washed on a weekly basis. We would ask you to sign the home school sleep agreement before the children start with us. If you would rather your child not sleep, you can make this preference, and we would contact you if seeming unwell.

What if my child has an accident at nursery?

Accidents do happen at nursery but of course we try our best to prevent them. If your child has an accident we will let you know upon collection or beforehand depending on the severity of the accident.  We will fill in an accident form to outline the incident (causes, treatments, outcomes etc). We will provide any first aid needed (all staff members are first aid trained). For any bigger incidents that we cannot deal with we will consult professional advice through 999 or 101. We will keep you up to date throughout this process by call, text or face to face. We fill out paperwork to log all accidents this in turn helps us avoid accidents in the future.

Will my child get to play outside?

We play outside at least once every day throughout all ages of the nursery. The only time we will not is if weather is terrible all day and we feel the children are not going to gain anything positive from the experience. We use the outside area for many different activities including bikes, scooters, team games, role play, sand pit, physical challenges, free play, water play. Outside is an extension to our provision and still offers lots of learning experiences.

Do you have qualified first aiders?

We ensure that at least one person in each nursery room of our team holds a valid paediatric first aid certificate. Where possible all staff are given this training. 

Are all staff DBS checked? (previously CRB)

Yes all members of staff full time, part-time, volunteers, students hold a current DBS check that is carried out prior to the member of staff starting with us. Staff members also sign up to the update service which keeps this check up to date at all times and this allows us to check each member of staff’s DBS check to ensure no new information is received (cautions or arrests). Any people visiting nursery to deliver extracurricular activities, such as Little Giggles and Mini Kickers, also have to have a DBS check.