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Our Early Years Curriculum

Woodlands WISER

We use the 'Woodlands WISER' model to underpin our tailored Early Years curriculum with an emphasis on:

Words, Interactions, Stories, Environment and Rhymes and songs. 

  • Words - teaching children to use a highly ambitious vocabulary.
  • Interactions -  high quality interactions between the staff and children in the setting.
  • Stories - driving our curriculum through stories and encouraging a love of books in all our children.
  • Environment provides an enabling environment through the use of open ended resources to promote curiosity and exploration.
  • Rhymes and Songs - active engagement with music can impact the way that the brain processes information, enhancing the perception of language and speech.

We have a skills based curriculum where we teach the children the basic skills they need to become successful, giving them the foundations for their educational future. 

We enhance this by providing children with knowledge of the world around them through providing them with a wealth experiences, books and investigation. 

Click on the attachments below for an overview of our long term curriculum for each Early years phase.

The Curiosity Approach

The Curiosity Approach runs through our curriculum and our setting and each learning environment reflects this.

Our resources, invitations and provocations to play include authentic resources and lots of wondrous natural or recycled objects. Our Early Years team work hard to create enchanted pockets of learning, and by choosing items which highlight the magic, wonder, and possibilities of the resources on offer, inviting the children to become curious about them.  As educators, we seek to encourage the child's natural sense of awe and wonder.

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